Monday 22 August 2022


I am writing this blog especially for my Hindu friends. And, it is intended to scatter the misunderstanding that occurs every time we, the Christian, talk about idolatry being considered sin in the Bible. I have made my explanation as brief as it is practically possible. Here…

To make it simple, I would ask those Hindu readers who are parents: “How you would feel if your children make your image and hang it on the wall and daily burn incense stick before it, garland it, bow before it, etc and altogether ignore your physical presence, altogether avoid paying you respect directly as though you are not there at all?!”

Well, that’s how God feels! He is the FATHER of us all. He has created us; He supports us through our life; and He secures the life after death that awaits us….He does everything for us. We don’t do anything for Him nor do we give anything to Him to please Him; simply because all that we have is from Him. The whole world is His, and everything in it. What we can give Him? Nothing! All we can do is worship Him with truthfulness of heart. That’s all! He doesn’t want anything else! Can we do at least this much for Him? That’s the only way we can express our respect and thankfulness for all that He has done for us.

Another thing, we can respect Him in proportion to the knowledge about Him that we have. It is quite understandable that some people know more about Him and some people less. Those who try earnestly to find out God, at some point of time in their search they DO encounter Him in some way. Most people don’t want God for His sake! That’s the truth! They want Him because they want, money, property, beautiful wife, nice children, success in study, in business, etc. If they have all this, the purpose of having God is served!

In other words, objects of their desire are more important for them than God Himself! According to Bible, all that takes the place of God is an idol. To make it even more simple, anything that is more important in your sight than God is an idol. Idol is something that replaces God from the position that rightfully belongs to Him!



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