Tuesday 20 November 2018


My Dear Friends,

Today I am writing you about the importance of receiving forgiveness of sins and righteousness. I wish it helps some of you. 

https://track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=66530&brand=fiverrcpa&landingPage=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fiverr.com%2Fsearch%2Fgigs%3Fquery%3DRadio%2520Drops%26source%3Dtop-bar%26search_in%3Deverywhere%26search-autocomplete-original-term%3Dradio%2520dropsMany people do not know the importance of getting freedom from sin. One reason is that they do not know the seriousness of sin. They simply do not know the ways in which sin works itself out into their life to destroy it. They do not know that sin
  • Severs their relationship with God
  • Brings curse upon them
  • Brings sickness into their body
  • Marks their life with sorrows and all sorts of worries
  • Brings death
  • Hurts nature
  • Takes away the fruits of their labor so that all their labor goes in vain &
  • Hurts their familial and social life

The problem is that committing sin is natural for all human beings. It is doing well that is not natural for us – even when we do what is good. This is because we all possess ‘sinful’ nature which we can never overcome without God’s help.

In other words, sinfulness is rooted in human nature. Therefore, those who follow their ‘nature’ are not able to do good. Human nature is ‘sinful’ because the human race has inherited ‘sinful’ nature from the first man and first woman named Adam and Eve. We are all children of Adam and Eve.

https://track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=66530&brand=fiverrcpa&landingPage=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fiverr.com%2Fcategories%2Fgraphics-design%2Fportraits-and-caricatures%3Fsource%3Dcategory_treeBible teaches that Adam and Eve were created sinless. Because they were sinless, they were immortal and happy. They were sinless because they did not have the knowledge of evil. God had forbidden them to know evil. God knew that people are capable of doing only what they know. Because our arch parents did not have knowledge of evil, they also did not have the capacity to do what was evil.

Another thing, Adam and Eve did not need to know what was evil. It sufficed that they knew God. After knowing God, there remains nothing to know. The knowledge of God is the crowning point of all knowledge. No other knowledge is greater than that. Because Adam and Eve knew God, they knew all that was good; and, therefore, they were capable of doing only what was good.

Unfortunately, Satan, who is evil and the source of all evil that is found under the sun, as part of his war against God, decided to destroy God’s creation by victimizing Adam and Eve. God had told Adam and Eve that the day they would know what was evil, they would die. They would die in the sense that death would enter into the scheme of life. It would put an end to their immortality and happy state in the ideal world (the Garden of Eden) in which they were living.

Satan convinced Adam and Eve about it that God did not want them to know both good and evil because the day they would be able to know both good and evil, they would not die but become like God in that they would be in possession of the knowledge of both good and evil just like Him. He convinced them that God did not want them to be like Him and, therefore, He forbade them to know what was evil.

Convinced by Satan’s logic, Adam and Eve violated God’s command by opting to know what was evil. The moment they knew what was evil, evil tainted their nature and they developed the capacity to do what was evil. Immediately, they lost the image of God, they lost their divine nature, and acquired sinful nature. The moment their nature became sinful, they also became mortal. Bible teaches that nothing sinful can be immortal.

Another thing that happened at the same time that they committed sin was that the sin of Adam and Eve not only tainted their nature but tainted the entire creation of God! That is the power of sin! The result was that the creation was no longer ‘ideal’ and ‘perfect’ but reflected the evil that Adam and Eve had newly discovered.

https://track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=66530&brand=fiverrcpa&landingPage=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fiverr.com%2Fcategories%2Fprogramming-tech%2Fmobile-app-services%3Fsource%3Dcategory_treeTherefore, God judged Adam and Eve and punished them for their wrongdoing by putting them out of the Garden of Eden, the ideal world, in which He had placed them. He also put them under His curse. There was time when in the Garden of Eden God met Adam and Eve daily. Now, sin alienated them from Him so they stopped seeing God. All the problems that we are seeing now started from that point onwards.

However, God promised to the mankind that at an appointed time He would send His Son (Lord Jesus) to destroy the work of Satan and defeat his evil design by freeing the mankind from the bondage of sin, curse, disease, sorrow and death.

This promise from God was fulfilled 2000 years back when Jesus came into the world. God sent His Son into the world to suffer the punishment of our sins on our behalf. Jesus suffered it on the cross so that we would not have to die on the cross. When we deserved to die, Jesus died in our place so that we can have eternal life.

We have the proof of our freedom from death in the resurrection of Jesus. In the entire history of the mankind Jesus is the only one who died, was buried in the grave and rose to life again on the third day.

It shows that just as He was able to raise Himself from death, one day He will also raise us from death and restore immortality to us. He spent 40 days in this world after rising from death. On the 40th day He went to Heaven while a large crowd of His disciples were watching Him.

But before He ascended to Heaven, He assured His followers that He was going to prepare a place for them in Heaven. And when that place was ready, He would return to the earth to take them with Him to Heaven and stay with Him there for eternity. All they needed to do to possess eternal joy in Heaven was to accept Jesus’ sacrifice for them and accept Him as their personal Savior.

Rejection of Jesus includes rejection of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross as well. Rejection of Jesus’ sacrifice means that those who reject it remain under the curse of the sins that they have committed. It also means that they have chosen to suffer the punishment of their sins.

Now, according to human justice, if a person suffers the punishment of his sin, his sin no longer remains. This is because he has already paid the price for his sin. If his sin is to remain even after bearing the punishment for it, then he has to undergo punishment for that sin again. But we do not punish a person twice for the same sin, do we?

But justice in spiritual realm does not follow the paradigm of earthly justice. In spiritual realm, if a person suffers the punishment for his sin, it would not make him righteous. His sinful nature remains in him. With this sinful nature he cannot enter Heaven. Heaven is the place where only God and good can exist. So, he cannot help himself in anyway to enter into the presence of God. God is so holy that nothing evil or unholy can ever exist in His presence.

It is for this reason that he needs Jesus. The very purpose of Jesus’ life was to take upon Himself the sins of the world and to suffer punishment for them. But that is not all! Jesus not only takes away our sins from us, He also takes away our sinful nature! This is important. This is what makes His sacrifice unique.

Jesus’ body represented our own body which housed both sin and sinfulness. When Jesus’ body was destroyed on the cross, died and buried in the grave, it also indicated the end of our sins and our sinfulness. On the third day, Jesus conquered death and rose to life.

Interestingly, the body of resurrected Jesus was a glorified one, which was capable of passing through closed doors. No physical barrier could limit its capacities. Through the body of Jesus God conveyed a very important message to us. And that message is exactly this:

God gave the body of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, as a promise to the mankind - as a hope of glory that will mark our own existence at the time appointed by Him. God assured us that our sins are atoned for, and, therefore, our sins are forgiven. He also guaranteed that time would when He would give us the kind of glorified body that Jesus had after His resurrection. Jesus is the proof of the veracity of God’s promise.

What does this mean? It means exactly this: If we accept Jesus as our personal Savior, we have the promise that we already discussed above. Our sins are already forgiven because of our acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice. And the sinful nature that still remains in us loses its power because of our acceptance of Jesus. It is extremely important for us to understand this; because it puts us in right standing with God.

What is there to understand is this: When we believe in Jesus and receive Him, God sends His Holy Spirit to dwell in us. This Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. It is this dwelling of Jesus’ Spirit in us that makes us righteous; that helps us fight with the temptation to commit sin and overcome our sinful nature. We cannot overcome our sinful nature by our own strength. But we, surely, can overcome it with the help of the Holy Spirit in the same way that Jesus did.

This Holy Spirit helps us live according to the order of the spirit and not according to the order of the body. In other words, we are initiated into the spiritual order of things and assisted to continually grow in it. The more we grow into this spiritual order, the farther we move away from the lusts of our body. So, it is a process through which we attain to the spiritual maturity that God wants to see in us.

One day is appointed when Jesus will come again to take us with Him to the Kingdom of Heaven. On that day the dead will rise from death, and all who will be alive at the time will see Jesus face-to-face. When both the people who will rise from death and those who will be alive at that time will see Him, in that very moment they will undergo complete change and will acquire the image of Jesus.

In other words, we shall be like Jesus Himself! We shall have glorified body that will be free from sinful nature. It is called the ‘salvation of the body’. With the salvation of the body, the process of perfection will be concluded and we shall enter Heaven to live in eternal peace and joy in the presence of God.

Isn’t this amazing?! You can have this wonderful divine experience if you do this little prayer with faith:

O Heavenly Father, as I bow my head at Your Feet now, I pray to You to forgive my sins. Please forgive me the sins that I have committed consciously or unconsciously.

O Jesus, my Lord and Savior, please cleanse me of my sins with Your precious blood that You shed for such as me on the cross. I believe in You and accept You as my personal Savior. I believe that in Your blood I have received forgiveness of sin. You have taken away my sins, my curse, my diseases and my sorrows on the cross. I thank You for what You have done for me.

And I pray to You to make me pure so that I become a dwelling place that is worthy for Your Holy Spirit to dwell in. Please send Your Holy Spirit to dwell in me so that I do not follow the dictates of my sinful body but live a holy life in accordance with Your will. Make me a vessel of Your grace and use me for Your glory.

In Your holy name I pray to You. Please listen to my prayer, God. Amen.



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