Tuesday 20 November 2018


My Dear Friends,

Here’s good news for you if you are suffering from one or the other health problem. The name ‘Jesus’ is mightier than any sickness, no matter how serious it is. If you have money and tried out all the remedies to cure whatever disease you are suffering from without success, please take one step further and try out Jesus. The Bible says,

“But He (Jesus) was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

If you have tried out all possible medical care to be cured of your illness, spent a lot of money over medical treatment, and yet nothing helped; you will greatly help yourself if you come to Jesus and seek healing from Him.

When Jesus was in the world, He healed all the sick who came to Him to get healed. It never happened that a sick person came to Jesus for healing and did not receive it. He opened the eyes of people who were born blind; He opened the ears of people who were deaf; He opened the mouth of people who were dumb; He healed people who were paralytic; He healed people who suffered from diseases like leprosy which make people live like social outcasts; He made the lame walk…

Dear Friends, there is no disease under the sun which Jesus cannot heal. All you need is faith. Jesus always told people, “Let it happen according to your faith.” If you are sick and have come to a stage where medical science accepts defeat before your sickness, then is the time you put your trust in Jesus. You will not be disappointed. Jesus is God and nothing is impossible for Him. Try Him.

I pray for the sick. You can contact me for prayer whenever you find yourself in need of it. You are always welcome. My contact details are given at the back of this booklet. Or you can do this little prayer yourself:

O God, the Creator and Sustainer of Heavens and earth and all that is found in them, O Savior of mankind,

I come to You as your creation. You have made me and You love me. And I accept that You have expressed Your love through Your Son, Lord Jesus, who sacrificed Himself on the cross to save me, mind, body and spirit. I believe Lord Jesus has redeemed me with His blood from sin, curse, disease, sorrow and death. Please forgive me all my sins and heal me from my sickness.

Your Word teaches me that I am healed by the stripes Lord Jesus bore on His body for my sake. I believe in it. And, I pray to You to fulfill Your word in my life today so that I can live a healthy and purposeful life that would bring glory to Your matchless name. No disease is greater than the power there is in Your precious blood, Jesus my Lord. I humbly request You to let me find shelter in the power of Your blood. Please save me from my sickness and heal me. In the mighty name of my Lord Jesus I pray, please listen to my prayer, God. Amen.

Dear friends, if you truly put your faith in Jesus and do this little prayer, God will listen to your prayer and heal you.



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