Tuesday 20 November 2018


My Dear Friends,

This letter is meant to broadcast the good news that you cannot receive from news papers. It’s about water that quenches your thirst in such a way that you don’t get thirsty again! Surprising, isn’t it? But it is true. And this water you don’t get from anywhere else, you have it straight from Jesus.

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” In other words, Jesus means to say that only our spiritual desires are capable of fulfillment. Our physical desires cannot be fulfilled.

https://track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=66530&brand=fiverrcpa&landingPage=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fiverr.com%2Fcategories%2Fwriting-translation%3Fsource%3Dcategory_treeNo matter how much we eat and drink, no matter how nice we eat and drink, our body is bound to get hungry and thirsty again. All our physical needs and their fulfillment are temporary; because our body is temporary. One day our body, with all its desires and fulfillment, will die and disintegrate into the elements from which it is formed.
This was surely not the purpose for which God had designed our body. He had designed our body as an instrument to be used by our spirit in order to fulfill its (spirit’s) desires. Our spirit is immortal and therefore it requires things which are eternal.

Bible lists the desires of our spirit. These are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. All these moral virtues are summed up in one word, that is, RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is this righteousness that makes spirit’s immortality desirable. This needs to be understood properly.

As we know, almost all religious traditions talk about immortality of human spirit. It is the Bible that provides really useful information about this immortality of the spirit. According to Bible, spirit is destined to spend eternity either in Heaven or Hell. Heaven is the place where God lives. It is the place of eternal peace and joy and rest. Hell, on the other hand, is the place where Satan lives. It is the place of endless sorrows and sufferings.

So, if our spirit has to spend eternity in Hell in eternal suffering, our immortality is rather a curse than a blessing. The immortality of our spirit should make us happy only if our spirit is to spend eternity in Heaven in eternal joy. The only way we can ensure eternal joy in Heaven for our spirit is by living a righteous life in this very life – the life that we live in our body and through our body.

In other words, our body has a purpose far greater than just feeding it with choice food, dressing it in nice clothes, and sheltering it in a big mansion. Bible describes our body as the temple of God. Temple is the place of worship – worship offered unto God. In other words, the life we live in our body is supposed to be a worship; and because it is meant for worshiping God, for that purpose we should preserve and look after our body and what it requires.

Body as a temple of God requires us to live a holy life on moral and spiritual plane. This kind of life not only helps our body but also our spirit and ensures that our spirit spends ‘happy’ eternity with God in Heaven. This is what our spirit profoundly craves for.

But the craving of our spirit is not satisfied if we do not put our body in the service of our spirit. So, we may eat the best foods, wear the best clothes, live in the best building, gather enormous wealth, and yet we continuously yearn for more. We are never satisfied with what we have. We do not understand why we remain dissatisfied with life. Because we do not know that all the time that we are occupied with fulfilling the requirements of our body, our spirit continuously starves. It is the dissatisfaction of our spirit that makes us dissatisfied in our life.

Therefore, Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Bread is meant for our body and the word that comes from the mouth of God is meant for our spirit. Until and unless we satisfy both our body and spirit, we do not get satisfaction in life. Unfortunately, we always manage to get our daily bread by all means; what we do not always try to get is the word of God for our spirit.

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All you have to do to fulfill the hunger and the thirst of our spirit is to hear the message of Jesus, and believe in it. If we believe in Jesus, we will believe in His message. If we believe in Jesus, God will send us His Holy Spirit to dwell in us. The rivers of living water that Jesus talked about in His statement quoted above is this Holy Spirit.

This is extremely important because the Holy Spirit will not only help us live a righteous life, He will also make us the source of ‘living water’ for the spirit of other people. This Holy Spirit also guarantees salvation (Moksha) for our spirit. Moksha or salvation of our spirit paves the way for the salvation of our body as well.

God wants that all the three aspects of our being are covered by the salvation (Moksha) that He has prepared through Jesus.

By the way, the three aspects of our being include mind, body and spirit. You are given this information about the three aspects of our ‘Self’ or existence in order to explode the myth that only spirit is immortal, the body perishes and disintegrates into the elements from which it is formed.

God has a plan for all the three aspects of our being and is aimed at preserving our wholeness of being. However, this is another subject for which this little piece of writing does not afford any scope. All that is important for you to know is the necessity of believing in Jesus - believing in what Jesus has to say to them.

Jesus loves you, and He wants to help you and fulfill all your needs no matter how great they are. He fulfills both your physical and spiritual needs in such a way that you no longer have to worry about them.

To be more specific, in following respects Jesus can help you…

1. Jesus forgives your sins and makes you righteous
2. Jesus takes away the curse that you and your family have been living under
3. Jesus takes away your sickness
4. Jesus frees you from the bondage of evil spirits
5. Jesus frees you from death and leads you to eternal life
6. Jesus gives you all that is necessary for your body
7. Jesus takes away your sorrows and gives you real peace and joy
8. Jesus removes poverty and a life of dearth
9. Jesus gives you success
10.             Jesus frees you from different kinds of addiction
11.             Jesus saves people from committing suicide

Having known in what ways Jesus can help you, we shall turn to briefly find out how Jesus can help you in matters listed above in the posts which I am going to publish next.



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